RFID Jewellery Software
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The RFID-powered live data analytics & inventory management solution for jewelers

Capture live data from inside your jewellery business to understand merchandise performance and sales conversions. Track and find items instantly and count your inventory in minutes, using our RFID jewellery software solution.


Count thousands of items in your jewelry store. In minutes.

Now you can do stock take daily and track your lost and found rates, to improve store layouts and stock processes. Use the Locate function to find specific or misplaced items immediately.


RFID Reader  >>  RFID Tray (Read/ Write)  >>  RFID Compile Software  >>  RFID Tag

are set of a comprehensive RFID solution.


Jewel, the Consultant can guide you through the implementation of RFID Solutions into your business.

Jewel Tray

The RFID-enabled tray that records the viewing of individual items, by each and every customer.

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Jewel RFID Reader

Scan your stock easily and make sure everything is where it should be.

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Jewel RFID Printer

An RFID printer that encodes the SKU number on the tags chip.

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Jewel RFID Jewellery Tags

RFID jewelry tags to record, store and provide data to you and your sales team

RFID Count Module

Jewel ERPs integrated with RFID Solution, to manage the stock efficiently and effectively into the business.

POS Module

Jewel ERPs integrated with RFID Solution, not only for counting inventory but for make a quick sales transaction using our RFID Tray too.