Jewellery ERP
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Our Products

Jewellery ERP

“TIARA ERP integrated business software solution for manufacturing, wholesale, retail, showroom, Diamond & Gems business with international quality standards”

Exhibition Module with RFID.
Multi office & Location real time working.
Factory Capacity Planning
Job Schedule with lead timeline.
Cellular Multi Factory Management.
Connectivity with Ecommerce.
Connectivity with Mobile App.

Main Feature

RFID Solutions into your business.

Tiara. Point of Sale XL, Jewelry Software integrated with RFID Solution, to manage the stock efficiently and effectively into the business.


RFID Reader  >>  RFID Tray (Read/ Write)  >>  RFID Compile Software  >>  RFID Tag

are set of a comprehensive RFID solution.


Jewel, the Consultant can guide you through the implementation of RFID Solutions into your business.

Master Module

Street Name, 80, Building 25

  • Account Master: Create client’s account, vendor’s account, and worker’s account.
  • Item & Metal Master
  • Other Master
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SKU Module
  • SKU: Stock Keeping Unit (Product code)
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Purchase Module
  • Ready Purchase: do purchase for ready item to vendor or subcontract.
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Inventory Module
  • Stock Info: Information of Ready Item
  • Closing Stock: Report for check ready item in inventory
Sale Module
  • Ready Sale Approval: Create approval voucher for customer and cut ready item in inventory (Consignment Out).
  • Ready Sale: Create sale voucher for customer and cut ready item in inventory (sale by stock and sale from
  • consignment).
  • Ready Approval Return: do return ready item back from consignment and item will back to inventory).
POS Module
  • POS
Account Module
  • Account Group’s
  • Scenario Management
  • Bank Reconcile
  • Outstanding Receivables
  • Outstanding Payables
  • Trail Balance
  • Profit & Loss A/c
  • Balance Sheet
  • Transaction
    • Journal
    • Payment
    • Receipt
    • Revising General
    • Memorandum
    • Credit Note
    • Debit Note
  • Metal Summary
  • Metal Loss Summary
  • Stone Summary
  • Ready Stock Stone
  • Ready Sale Stone
Pro Team Ready for you


We staff our consultant teams with a diverse group of roles according to Customer Project Size.  

  • Project Managers
  • Consultants (Implementor)
  • Solution Architects (Requirement gathering & Gap Analysis).
  • Software Developers


Jewel team of experienced consultants works side-by-side with the customer team to define and execute an implementation plan based on project requirements.

We are flexible in our approach to meet a successful project and financial budget. Our level of engagement can run the scope from an advisory role to full ownership of the implementation.

For Successful Implementation, we follow the following steps:

  • System study about the current business operation and scope of the requirement.
  • Gap analysis between a standard solution with add on Customization.
  • Plan Implementation phases with the timeline.
  • Training with one round cycle of the system.
  • Analysis of the Training rating.
  • Kickoff and go for LIVE.

Jewel team having a depth of knowledge and experience can guide you through the implementation process with ease.